Partnership Options

We work hand in hand with partners from a wide variety of industries around the world, and we're looking to expand our network. If your organization serves international businesspeople and/or global leisure travelers, you'll gain a competitive edge and increase your profits by adding our premium-quality culture, country, and business knowledge tools to your product or service mix.

Strategic Partnerships

Airlines and Hotels
Language / Translation
Employee Assistance Programs
Accounting & Law Firms
Relocation & Shipping Companies

Are you looking for new ways to attract and retain customers? Is finding new revenue streams a goal for this year? Do you want to offer the most innovative solutions?

Rise above the competition by bundling our innovative new media culture, country, and business content with your international products and services. With our leading-edge programs, your customers will learn to do business and travel successfully overseas. The result? Highly satisfied clients, and a new revenue source for you.

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Reseller Relationship

Travel Shops
Car Rental Companies
Tour Operators
Credit Card Companies
On-Line Stores
Related Companies

Looking for new ways to increase revenues from global business travelers or global enthusiasts? Do you want to offer them value-added products that will increase their loyalty to you? How about providing new media culture and country knowledge tools?

With CultureQuest's Web-based and CD-ROM programs, your customers will become fully immersed in the sights and sounds of countries around the world. And they'll learn the essentials for doing business with different cultures. Add our popular programs to your menu of products or services and watch your revenues grow.

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